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“Opportunity Zones: The Biggest Tax Break Ever”

By John Goodhue and Brian Gray


Interested in learning more about how alternative investments could fit into your financial plan? John and Brian offer valuable insights into what an opportunity zone is, how it works and whether or not it might be right for you. This book covers topics like tax deferrals, capital gains, real estate investment trusts, private equity platforms and more.

“Smiling Through Retirement: The Importance of Living Your Life in Five Year Increments”

By Brian Gray and Ray Stein


Many hidden retirement pitfalls can derail the best-laid plans and strategies. Brian Gray and Ray Stein will take you through a series of retirement topics and show you why living your life in five-year increments is so important. They will help guide you towards a retirement without limits versus one that may have boundaries so you can live your life without regret.

“RETIRE ABUNDANTLY” The Proven Principles to create a more worry-free retirement with less stress!

By Scott Keffer with John Goodhue and Brian Gray


The retirement landscape has changed so dramatically in the last decade that it’s time to separate facts from fiction. In Retire Abundantly, you will receive answers to your biggest retirement questions (plus answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask)!

“GIVING TRANSFORMS YOU! 52 ways giving transforms you, your family, your business and your community.

By John Goodhue and Brian Gray


One simple action holds the power to transform you personally – your attitude, your perspective… and even your financial life. It also holds the power to transform your family, your friends, your business, your colleagues, your community… and more. Read this book and you will discover new (and possibly profitable) ways to give. Read this book and you will remember the power of this simple act. Read this book and you will be transformed. Then give it to someone you care about.

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